Recruiters are just as cool as Fireman and Doctors right?

I was discussing with my son what colleges and career paths he is considering. It reminded me of comments I have heard recruiters make that no one grows up wanting to be a recruiter or they just fell into recruiting.

Why is that? Most of us who are recruiters love what we do and couldn’t imagine deviating far from it. Ok so you may see recruiters move back and forth from recruiting and sales roles but I believe it is somewhat similar. You have to hunt, prospect, qualify, coordinate and close. At any rate, I have noticed more people commenting they want to go into the recruiting or sourcing field. Maybe people are becoming more aware of what we do through blogs or social media. Or it might be because of the current job market and the focus on the dynamics of how recruiters work and finding employment. However it is happening I think it is great versus everyone saying they want to go into HR.

Perhaps no one grows up wanting to be a recruiter because they didn’t realize it was an option.

A company is only as good as their talent which makes great recruiters and sourcers so vital to an organization. I think it’s time to check into speaking at some career days at my children’s schools or wherever else they’ll have me. What we do is just as cool as other professions. We may not have the sirens or flashing lights, but sometimes we get to ring the bell.

If all else fails we can win them over with job fair swag.